Video and Image Restoration
  • Transcode the 2D planar image into 3D spatial domain data
  • Integrate motion data with image analysis to restore the real case
  • Represent the video with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
  • Fused Computing for multiple streams in quality enhancement
Video Stabilization
Denoise & Enhancement
Super Resolution
Intelligent Video Creation
  • Analyze and reappear the camera movement (Pedestal/Truck/Roll/Pan/Tilt)
  • Intelligent clips trimming and editing by AI scene detection
  • Video and music synchornization
  • Style transformation and special effect creation
Authentic 3D Reconstruction
  • Integrate the depth information into each image
  • Reconstruct the 3D scence thru AI search-classify approach
  • Rebuild/replace the background with real 3D environment
Complete Application Solutions
Consumer & Entertainment
Smart Factory
Smart Retail
Media & Marketing